Foreclosures and REO

Dejavu Property Services is a property preservation company that provides services for foreclosures and REO. We have a list of services that we provide from initial securing, Debris clean outs, lawn care and more.

Industry Knowledgeable Staff

Our office staff has all worked in the field. This allows us to provide accurate information to our vendors upon their first visit to a property. Our staff undergoes regular training to understand and implement any new industry regulations or requirements. Our office staff is made up of account managers, asset coordinators, and a quality assurance team.

Service Customized To Your Needs

Dejavu Property Services Provides a variety of inspection, cleaning, and repair service processing. We provide a complete array of before, during and after photographs so you can be up to date on the progress of your property maintenance and or repairs. While having important validation that your assets are being accomplished on time and on budget to your specifications.

Pad and pencil


Residential & Commercial Inspections

Home Inspections

Debri Removal


Occupancy Verification

Repair Verification

No Contact Inspections

Insurance Loss Inspections

Renovation Services

Construction Site Cleaning

Residential Secure Services

Initial Lawn Services

Cleaning Services